About Us

Grantlun Corporation was founded in 1989 by Grant Lungren after serving for a decade as President of Tanner Construction, which he and his team built into the nation’s then largest federal highway-bridge contractor.

Grantlun’s initial mission was to provide infrastructure contractors a fully integrated estimating and project management system. That mission was accomplished in 1999 when investors provided capital to broaden Grantlun’s marketing efforts and changed the firm’s name to Hard Dollar.

In 2002, after architecting the functionality of Hard Dollar’s next generation¬† system, which is still rolling out today, Grant retired from his positions as Chairman and CEO of Hard Dollar and re-launched Grantlun in a different direction; this time with a mission to provide management consulting services to infrastructure contractors across North America.

Today, Grantlun carries out that mission with a collection of valuable management consulting services that include Operations Software, Business Planning, Equipment Charge Rate Development, Cost Breakdown Structure Development, Operations Tune-Ups, Documents, Board Memberships and Training.

Grantlun’s main business headquarters are located in Bozeman, Montana, where Grantlun’s hard working staff enjoy Montana’s great outdoors.

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