About SBM

Managing an infrastructure construction company is tough. Competition is cutthroat, risks are astronomical, margins are tight – chaos is the norm. To reach peak performance, the inherent chaos must be processed in an orderly way using deliberate, calculated methods that anticipate change and turn it to advantage.

Grantlun created its Strategic Business Management process (SBM) to do just that.  SBM was first used by Grantlun’s founder to grow and manage what became the nation’s, then largest federal highway-bridge construction company.

Since then, Grantlun has helped hundreds of companies across North America reach peak performance using its SBM process and related tools.

Who does SBM Involve?

Over the course of each Cycle, Strategic Business Management involves everyone in the company

  • Leaders assess the state of things and establish the Company’s “heading”.
  • Managers establish the company’s internal “process and structure” in concert with the company’s direction.
  • Staff execute the plan and provide feedback on its effectiveness and efficiency; thus feeding the assessment undertaken in the next Cycle.

Why practice SBM?

  • It works.
  • It reduces risk.
  • It increases profit.
  • It promotes order, agility, teamwork, commitment, achievement.
  • It lets you sleep at night.

“Management by crisis” does not. It is a gut wrenching way of doing business that is always inefficient and most often not effective.

How does SBM operate?

Strategic Business Management operates in a continuous three part cycle:

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