The “business plan” documents the Company’s direction.


  • The Mission Statement is a brief description of what your company is striving to become or achieve; for example:
    • EXAMPLE COMPANY, is committed to calculated, responsible achievement of its goals while providing its clients high quality work through ethical business practices and providing its employees a safe, healthy, rewarding and enjoyable work environment.
  • The Value Statement is a brief description of the core principles that drive your business decisions; for example:
    • In the pursuit of its mission, EXAMPLE COMPANY holds true to its values of safety, quality, customer service  and integrity.


  • Issues are those vital matters that must be addressed to fulfill the Mission; for example:
    • Because we often subcontract work, the timing of the payments we receive for it leaves us short on cash.


  • Objectives are those vital goals that must be accomplished to fulfill the Mission; for example:
    • We will manage cash flow in the next year such that we require no more than a $1M credit line while keeping all of our A/P current.


  • Strategies are those careful methods of achievement required to accomplish the stated Objectives; for example:
    • We will bid more highway work and front load our prices to accelerate cash receipts.

Action Plans

  • The Action Plan establishes exactly how a strategy will be executed by identifying the activities that must be undertaken, their timing and order; for example:
    • Hire a dedicated highway estimator this month.


  • Tasks are just that, small activities that must be accomplished day-to-day to implement the plan, along with the assignment of responsibility; for example:
    • Hire a head hunter by the end of this week – Greg.
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