BBOCS Customization

If you want to customize the Bid & Build Operations Control System’s (BBOCS) task maps and documents to make them perfectly reflect your operations, Grantlun can help.

Grantlun has partnered with Harvard Computing Group (HCG), experts in process analysis and improvement. HCG’s lead consultants have a world class track record of making change happen in the organization and creating outstanding results.  Each is an expert in the TaskMap system used to create BBOCS.

Together, HCG’s and Grantlun’s can help you expertly:

  • Modify any of the system’s existing task maps to reflect the makeup of your operations;
  • Add new task maps to the Map Directory to define exactly who, how and when each business process is to be accomplished in your company;
  • Modify any of the system’s documents to your specifications, including custom headings, handling instructions, etc.
  • Add new documents to the Document Library and link them to any map.
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