Business Planning

Grantlun can help you build a plan that enables you to run your company like a job – with a plan, schedule and budget.

This multi-day in-house workshop guides you through Grantlun’s proven Strategic Business Management Process and produces a Strategic Business Plan for your company.

To gain the most from this service, it is best if at least one Company executive also receives Strategic Business Management Training.

Over the course of three or more sessions held at your facilities, consecutively in a single week, or, separately over a period of time, Grantlun helps you and your management team:

  • Assess
    • Examine and analyze your business practices.
    • Examine and analyze your business environment.
  • Plan
    • Create a solid planning foundation: a clear identity, mission statement and value set.
    • Devise resolutions to both the short and long term issues raised in your assessments by establishing clear objectives, strategies, action plans, and task assignments.
  • Model
    • Test the plan and facilitate its implementation with business practice, organization and financial models, each customized to your needs.
  • Perform
    • Document the full business plan for your team and stakeholders.
    • Initiate plan execution and results measurement against a set of standards of success.
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