CBS Development

Grantlun can help you develop a comprehensive model of the work your company performs so that you can estimate job costs and account for them in an orderly and highly accurate way.

It works like this:

  • You meet with Grantlun to outline the work you do:
    • Routine work types (e.g. earthwork, paving, underground pipe, bridge work, concrete flat work, etc.);
    • Routine activities (e.g. for earthwork: clearing, excavation to embankment, etc.);
    • Routine methods and means (e.g. for excavation to embankment: scrapers hauling < 1500’).
  • Grantlun organizes and refines the outline to produce a standard Work Breakdown Structure (WBS), and then assigns unique job cost accounting codes to each cost item in the WBS.
  • Grantlun works with your accounting staff to be sure all of your costs are properly mapped to the bid price structure of each bid proposal you produce so that no cost gaps or overlaps exist.
  • You meet with Grantlun to establish your preferred approach to recovering through your bid prices your business overhead, job overhead and equipment overhead costs.
  • Grantlun refines your approach and incorporates it into your custom Cost Breakdown Structure (CBS).
  • Grantlun provides you with the standard CBS and a set of corresponding job cost account codes that you can upload to your estimating and accounting systems, respectively.
  • Using your estimating system, you detail each Cost Item in the CBS and develop “storehouse” estimates and “job templates”.
  • You bid jobs by reproducing the templates in pertinent part and customizing the cost details to suit the job at hand.
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