Equipment Charge Rate Development

Grantlun can help you develop accurate equipment charge rates for hard dollar job cost estimating, T&M job billing and job cost accounting.

To gain the most from this service, it is best if at least one Company employee also receives Equipment Charge Rate Training.

It works like this:

  • You provide Grantlun your equipment list, using Grantlun’s data collection form.
  • You subscribe to the on-line  Equipment Watch Custom Cost Evaluator system.
  • Grantlun establishes for each machine listed a “guideline” cost, as documented by the Equipment Watch Custom Cost Evaluator system.
  • Grantlun works with your accounting staff to be sure all of your equipment related costs are accurately mapped for recovery so that there are no cost gaps or overlaps between the charge rates and your job cost estimates.
  • Grantlun provides you its proven Equipment Charge Rate Management Workbook (ECRMW), filled with your fleet data, so that you can adjust low level machine cost determinants (i.e. market & salvage values, mechanic repair hours, lease terms, fuel consumption, etc.) and make them reflect your cost accounting, equipment management and estimating practices.
  • Grantlun develops, using your customized rate data, a set of internal charge rates, a set of job cost estimating rates, and, a set of billing rates.
  • Over time, you collect actual equipment cost data, transcribe it to the ECRMW, and use its audit features, with or without Grantlun’s help, to further refine your equipment charge rates and equipment management practices.
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