Grantlun provides an array of interrelated application software that helps manage infrastructure construction operations for peak performance:

Equipment Charge Rate Workbook

  • Establishes and maintains accurate internal charge rates for job cost estimating and accounting purposes, and, accurate billing rates for Time and Materials work.
  • Enables development of job specific equipment charge rates and professional equipment management.

Bid & Build Core Process Map Directory

  • Instantly makes available detailed task maps of best practices that can be edited to perfectly reflect your operations; and, makes the resulting policy and procedure documentation available ON-LINE to any authorized employee.
  • Ensures proper handling of key procedures like contract administration (extra work, claims, etc.) and safety incident reporting.

Bid & Build Key Document Library

  • Instantly makes available ON-LINE a complete library of customizable documents routinely used to accomplish the key tasks involved in the industry’s best practices (time sheets, contract administration related letters, safety reports, etc.)
  • Ensures proper documentation of contract administration (extra work, claims, etc.) and safety incident reporting.

Bid & Build Operations Control System

  •  Combines Grantlun’s Core Process Map Directory and Key Document Library into one ON-LINE system that enables you to achieve peak performance.


Because software needs vary widely from company to company, we quote software license fees on a project-by-project basis. Contact us to discuss how we can help.

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