Bid & Build Core Process Map Directory

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Communicating exactly how business processes are to be handled is vital to making money in the infrastructure construction business.  Mishandling of bid submittals, time sheets, extra work notices, safety incidents and the like quickly quickly eats up profits. Our Bid & Build Core Process Map Directory makes policy communications easy and it makes access to written procedures instantaneous.

You don’t have to use it, but you have to compete against those who do.

What it does

  • Maps 46 core bid & build processes by documenting the who-what-when-how of each task involved
  • Provides you with a first draft of “best practices” that you can customize as you see fit
  • Makes your mapped business processes instantly available ON-LINE to any authorized employee with internet access

how it’s implemented

  • You license the System on a subscription basis involving affordable monthly payments.
  • We create on our server a secure folder set for your use.
  • We load the folders with copies of our best practices task maps.
  • Your authorized users, with a PC or Tablet, view the maps for procedure and policy guidance.
  • As a part of the subscription fee, we:
    • Host and maintain the System on our server
    • Provide a license specific amount of system support per month that can be used to customize/create business process maps
  • At your request, on a fee basis, we provide you those management consulting services and training that you believe are necessary to further implement best practices and achieve peak performance.


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