Bid & Build Operations Control System

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Infrastructure is an inherently chaotic business - no two jobs are alike and job conditions can change on any give day at the whim of the owner or with a change in the weather. Profitability depends on disciplined handling of key processes and procedures. Our Bid & Build Operations Control System makes that possible in any sized organization with the punch of a key.

You don’t have to use it, but you have to compete against those who do.


  • Combines the Bid-Build Process Maps and Key Document Library into one integrated system
  • Each mapped task is linked to the associated documents stored in the Key Document Library
  • Makes your procedures and documents instantly available ON-LINE to any authorized employee with internet access

how it’s implemented

  • You license the System on a subscription basis involving affordable monthly payments.
  • We create on our server a secure folder set for your use.
  • We load the folders with copies of our best practices task maps and all task related documents.
  • Your authorized users, with a PC or Tablet, view the maps for procedure and policy guidance and download the associated documents from the Document Library to their computer, as needed, on a day-to-day basis.
  • Those users with “write” privileges upload documents to the Document Library for subsequent use by any authorized user.
  • As a part of the subscription fee, we:
    • Host and maintain the System on our server
    • Provide a license specific amount of system support per month that can be used to customize/create business process maps and support documents
  • At your request, on a fee basis, we provide you those management consulting services and training that you believe are necessary to further implement best practices and document your policies and thereby achieve peak performance.


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