Equipment Charge Rate Workbook

Setting accurate equipment charge rates is one of the most important management chores in a construction company. It’s also one of the most difficult. If you set equipment charge rates too low, you won’t recover the true cost of owning and running your fleet – so job profits will be wiped out by equipment losses.  If you set them too high, your cost estimates will be too high and your bid proposals won’t be competitive – so you will lose work, cover less overhead, and generate less profit. Our Equipment Charge Rate Workbook makes setting rates quick and easy.

You don’t have to use it, but you have to compete against those who do.

  • Stores machine data
    • All of the pertinent data for each machine in your fleet is located in one easy-to-access, easy-to-update location.
  • Performs key calculations
    • By inputting basic data, you’ll end up with accurate internal charge rates, estimating rates, and, billing rates for each machine in your fleet.
  • Audits charge rate accuracy
    • The workbook automatically indicates when charge rates need to be raised or lowered to better match cost experience.
  • Audits fleet composition.
    • The workbook automatically makes buy, sell or hold recommendations for each machine in your fleet, based on limits that you set.
  • Illustrates fleet status
    • Pivot Charts graphically illustrate fleet total and machine specific gains and losses, relative to budgeted costs.
    • A ready-made data dashboard charts each machine in the fleet against all others so that gain/loss outliers can be easily identified and adjustments can be made to the subject machines’ charge rates – or – outliers can be scheduled for repair, rebuild, replacement and rejection.
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