Advanced Bidding Practices

To stay in business you must consistently produce bid proposals that accurately reflect the cost of the work involved, at prices that the market will bear.  To achieve peak performance, you have to be expert at bidding and adopt advanced bidding techniques that enable you to keep bid prices down while keeping profit levels up.

This one-day in-house training session at your facilities provides you the know-how and the tools needed to do just that. It was created specifically for construction companies in the infrastructure construction industry, particularly those in the highway, bridge, pipeline, underground utility, oil field construction services and site work segments.


This training session introduces you to advanced techniques employed at each stage of the bid process:

  • Prospect Stage
    • Strategic prospecting techniques
    • Bid Log analysis
    • Job Log analysis
  • Estimate Stage
    • Cost mapping techniques
    • Standard cost-breakdown-structures
    • Monte Carlo risk analysis
  • Bid Stage
    • Job-specific equipment rates
    • Discount offers
    • Weighted business overhead allowances
  • Launch Stage
    • Standardized budgeting techniques
    • Job books
    • Internal pre-jobs


To enable you to proceed immediately with the implementation of the best practices introduced during training, you will receive copies of the Core Process Maps presented during training. They graphically illustrate:

  • What core tasks must be performed in each stage.
  • The responsible role for each task.
  • The order in which tasks should be performed.
  • The tools needed.

If you elect to purchase them separately, you can also receive any of our advanced estimating tools in our Document Library, including:

  • Bid Log & Analysis Workbook
  • Job Log and Analysis Workbook
  • Chart of Accounts to Price Breakdown Structure Mapping Worksheet
  • Discount Offer Worksheet
  • Job Book Outline
  • Internal Pre-Job Checklist
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