Job Planning & Scheduling

In the infrastructure industry – where competition is fierce, and profits margins are razor thin – you can’t afford project delays, lost revenue or unrecovered extra costs. Now, more than ever, it’s essential to plan and schedule work strategically - so that you complete projects on time, stay within budget and collect every dime you are rightfully owed.

This one-day in-house training session at your facilities provides you the know-how and the tools needed to do just that. It was created specifically for construction companies in the infrastructure construction industry, particularly those in the highway, bridge, pipeline, underground utility, oil field construction services and site work segments.


This training session introduces you to the key principles and best practices involved in planning and scheduling a  project professionally:

  • Key Planning Principles
    • Plan purpose – Contractor’s perspective
    • Work Breakdown Structure
    • Activity definition constraints
    • Activity definition evolution
    • Activity definition estimating
    • Planning Steps
  • Key Scheduling Principles
    • Schedule’s purpose – Contractor’s perspective
    • Schedule Types
    • Bar Chart Technique
    • Bar Charting Steps
    • CPM Technique
    • CPM Properties
    • CPM Steps
  • Key CPM Concepts
    • Schedule Framework
    • Hammock Activity
    • Timing Calculations
    • Critical Path
    • Float (Slack)
    • Baseline
    • Tracking
    • Crashing
    • As-Built
  • Planning & Scheduling Best Practices


To enable you to proceed immediately with the implementation of the best practices introduced during training, you will receive copies of the Core Process Maps presented during training. They graphically illustrate:

  • What core tasks must be performed in each stage.
  • The responsible role for each task.
  • The order in which tasks should be performed.
  • The tools needed.

If you elect to purchase them separately, you can also receive any of our advanced planning and scheduling tools in our Document Library, including:

  • Project Control Properties Toolset
  • Back-to-Budget Production Analysis Worksheet
  • Job Schedule Properties Checklist
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