You bid & build, but do you manage?

The best infrastructure contractors manage their companies just like they manage their jobs, with a plan, a schedule and a budget. They bid the right jobs at the right prices, and they operate like clockwork. We can show you how it’s done. Our consultants are real-world construction executives with stellar track records. We bring you decades of successful business experience; a proven strategic business management process; a complete collection of documented best practices and support documents; and, software and training that enable peak performance.

You don’t have to hire us, but you do have to compete against those who do.

"Grantlun got us to assess our entire operation (the good and the bad). So far we are having real in-depth conversations as we work through the workbooks and are optimistic we will see real improvement to our quality and bottom line. Great approach, great product and great people." — David Hand, President
O. L. Thompson, Charleston, SC

"Grant Lungren's extensive real world construction experience and technical insight have been an invaluable help to our organization. Grant has helped us streamline our operations and helped us to implement many time saving automated systems. With his help we have trimmed our workforce while growing our revenue. I would recommend Grantlun to anyone that is interested in having a knowledgeable no-nonsense party on their advisory board." — Adam Day, President
Fox Contractors, Fort Wayne, IN

"Grant's knowledge of systems and procedures and, more importantly, his 'been there, done that' experience has helped us navigate the many pitfalls inherent to a growing construction company. In addition, Grant's many contacts and nationwide exposure allow us to 'benchmark' ourselves against similar companies. Grant's most important contribution has been to help me meet the company's goals while at the same time meeting my personal goals for a balanced and full life." — Jim Blois, President
Blois Construction, Oxnard, CA

"Grant Lungren has been a tremendous asset to our company. He has helped us establish and define our corporate structure as well as aided us in the implementation of business processes that have allowed our company to grow. I personally, rely on him for his knowledge and insight to our industry - someone that I can lean on. We were taught very well how to run the equipment and get the jobs done. We just weren't taught how to run a business. That's where Grant comes in!" — Sam Brice, President
Brice Inc., Fairbanks, AK